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The Altland House Hospitality Group

The Altland House Hospitality Group is Southcentral Pennsylvania's best known caterer, serving York, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Gettysburg, PA. Known for its outstanding dining, food, buffets, banquets and restaurants, it is the also the perfect venue for weddings, (for ceremonies and receptions), business meetings, parties, reunions, proms and company outings. The Altland House may be best known for its full-service catering, but there is so much more: the grill, pub, and dance floor and stage, as well as the hotel. Brides will love the menus, the cakes, the outdoor spaces, the courtyards and the hospitality. Whether at the Altland House, the Altland House Inn & Suites, the Valencia Ballroom, the York Expo Center, Penn National Golf Club, Ski Roundtop, Liberty Forge or the Majestic Theatre, your event will be one to remember. There is nothing like it.

Whether you're planning your wedding, a large corporate banquet or an anniversary party, we know how important it is to have everything just the way you want it and that's what we do best!
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Our experienced staff can provide everything you need to make your event or special occasion memorable for all the right reasons. Spend more time with your guests and less time worrying about all the details. Let Altland House plan your next event. We'll do all the work, while you take all the credit!

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