Sarah Kovach, Hanover-area’s Only Female Brewer

Sarah Kovach, the only female brewer in the Hanover area, takes multitasking to a whole new level.  Not only does she serve as a brewer at Center Square Brewing, she is a bartender and runs the front house of the Altland House.  So, you can argue that no one knows what the customers want more than she does.

“I globally look at what the customers want, and they want a variety,”  said Sarah.  “By being behind the bar I get to talk to them; it’s why we ended up brewing a lager.  I like that I can tell them all about the beer.  What the grain build is, the type and how much hops. ”

Attention to detail, love for beer

A male-dominated profession, brewing is not something just anyone can take on. An understanding of science alongside a love for the end product is what ultimately yields the unique brews that Center Square creates.

“There is special mix of attention to detail and little of what I call foolishness that goes into brewing,” mused Adam, Head Brewer. “Sarah possesses an almost obsessive attention to detail, but  truly believes in the process and that it will work.  That’s why she’s good at what she does.”

seasonal brews to match a seasonal menu

Sarah certainly seems to have an innate ability to match up the locally-sourced ingredients with the seasonal menus that Altland House serves.  She takes special care to create menus and brews that work with the time of year and ingredients available.

“I love to match up a good, light wheat beer with a special from our kitchen like a pan-seared rockfish,”  she said.  “And I’m working on the next seasonal cocktail menu as we speak.  Guests will want to check out our new Jim Beam Apple Mule!”

Next time you see Sarah behind the bar, don’t hesitate to tap her knowledge of all things brewing!

  • "Absolutely the best place I have ever stayed.....Here or abroad. If you ever find yourself anywhere close to here, a stay is a must!!
    Historically elegant, beautiful and affordable."

  • "Been several times and will go back several more. Its our go to spot for really special occasions. The service is outstanding and the food is excellent always!!! Thank you to the Altland House staff for making this a great experience every time we visit."

  • Three words: German chocolate stout! My husband had the Black & Blue burger and I had the Firecracker Shrimp wrap. Highly recommend both. Wonderful service as well.

  • “A wonderfully atmosphere
    with a top quality chef”

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